European company + European bank account

June 25, 2017

European company registration and opening a bank account in a European payment institution.

Generally, a business owner is interested in registering a legal entity and a bank account for money transfers and convenient receipt of funds for products and services in the shortest possible time (no more than 5-7 working days). For a business owner the bank where his business account is opened must be accessible and reliable.
For those who are interested in such services, specialists of UniverseLAW created a package of services, which includes a European company registration (Scotland LP) and opening an account for the company in a licensed European payment institution.

The package is suitable both for newly established and for experienced businesses. Type of business activity: any legal one (including types of businesses which are not accepted by banks due to their own corporate policies).


• European jurisdiction of the company and its account
• Simple company administration
• Prompt and simple company formation
• Minimum required documents (for the company: scanned passport copy in a high quality, for account opening: questionnaires and a utility bill)
• Most suitable range of services necessary for everyday use
• Reasonable expenses for company formation and account opening
• Favorable tariffs for conducting business activity
• The package is formed and provided with no personal presence, all necessary actions may be performed remotely

The package includes:

• Multi-currency business account
• Internet-banking access and authorization device DigiPass GO3
• Universally applicable package of notarized and apostilled company legal documents (accepted by banks and payment institutions in the European Union and worldwide), and the company seal.

Note 1:
It is possible to order a card linked to the company’s business account

Note 2: annual company support and administration is necessary for its successful operation, so an annual support notification will be sent to the registered e-mail address of the company two months in advance.

Order a package:
Fill in and send the application form to our specialists and they will contact you as soon as possible.

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