Costa Rica


Costa Rica is one of the most reliable countries in the world regarding political, financial and economical stability. The government guarantees full property immunity during several centuries. There are no wars, revolutions or cataclysms in the country either.

Such popularity of this jurisdiction is explained by the fact that Costa Rica doesn’t have any regulations in the field of internet gambling. Companies, registered in this country, may legally provide services of internet gambling to residents of all countries, except for Costa Rica residents. Due to the absence of relevant legislation regarding internet gambling, gambling companies of Costa Rica are not monitored, regulated or tested, which is usually required in most jurisdictions for licensing. This fact allows to shorten the time needed for company formation, as well as to significantly save money.

General information regarding Costa Rica Sociedad Anonima (stock corporation)

  • Minimum number of founders for company formation is two, private individuals or legal entities. But this limitation is conditional, because after the registration all shares can be transferred to one shareholder, who will be the sole owner of the corporation.
  • Registered share capital of stock corporation in Costa Rica may be presented in any currency. Usually, if there are no special reasons to open a company with big share capital, it is 100 USD. 25% of this amount must be paid before company registration.
  • In order to become a resident of Costa Rica there is a very simple method, you will have to agree to pay to Costa Rica at least 2500 USD monthly and live in Costa Rica at least 4 months a year during 5 years.
  • Board of directors of a stock corporation may consist of minimum three members: a president, a secretary and a treasurer. There is no maximum number of directors.
  • Board of directors of an Sociedad Anonima must appoint an auditor (appointing a nonresident is possible)
  • Except for the auditor, a corporation must appoint a registered agent in Costa Rica, who will provide communication between official governmental authorities and the company’s directors. Only a resident of Costa Rica may become a registered agent.
  • Each offshore company in Costa Rica is obliged to have a registered office and a registered agent.

UniverseLAW offers full range of professional services, associated with business organization in Costa Rica:

  • preparation and submission of the documents, required for business registration in Costa Rica;
  • legal address;
  • preparation and submission of documents to register the company as a VAT payer (VAT number);
  • arrangement of visits and accompanying clients for the notary office visits;
  • assistance in opening a bank account.


  • high level of confidentiality and anonymity;
  • presence of four members for company formation (a president, a secretary, a financial manager and an auditor). The names of Board members are publicly available;
  • Costa Rica is not a member of Hague convention. Thus, in case the account is planned to be opened not in Costa Rica, incorporation documents will have to be certified according to the relevant legislation. The price for documents legalization depends on the council offices in different countries;
  • territorial principle of taxation: the company pays taxes only for the income made in Costa Rica
  • no requirements to accounting or statements;
  • Costa Rica is not considered to be an offshore and has signed several free trade agreements with different countries (USA, Canada, Mexico, Chili, Dominican Republic and Caribbean Islands). Negotiations are also pending with China and EU countries;
  • no currency control in Costa Rica;
  • trading activity is possible in any currency.


If the company does not conduct business activity in Costa Rica, it is not obliged to pay any taxes, except for annual fixed corporate fee.

Taxes in Costa Rica:

  • The taxes in Costa Rica are up to 25%, but if you are officially employed in the country, the taxes won’t be more than 15%.
  • There are no capital gains taxes in Costa Rica, except for a small tax for the income made from business activity in Costa Rica. If you sell property or shares, this tax does not apply. In any case, it will not be more than 30%


As far as there is no requirement to provide audit results or annual financial statements to governmental authorities, the company is obliged only to keep accounts of its financial activity, which display the company’s financial state.

List of required documents for registration and time frames

Required documents and information:

  • Company name
  • Information about directors and shareholders

1. for private individuals: name, surname, citizenship, residence address (passport copy);
2. for legal entities: corporate documents and other documents confirming company formation, apostilled and translated in English

Time required for company formation:

Average amount of time required is up to 30 working days from the date of receipt of all necessary documents.

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