Denmark becomes more popular jurisdiction for company formation as it has stable legislation regarding new nonresident companies as well as favorable taxation policy.

The country has signed double taxation agreement with 80 countries around the world, so offshore in Denmark can keep most of their income.

General information about Danish A/S.

  • Minimum share capital is 17000 EUR, which may be increased depending on the company itself;
  • When registering a business in Denmark, at least one director is required, but appointment of a secretary is not necessary;
  • Danish offshore company’s registered address must be in Denmark. If the headoffice enters into a partnership with Belize or Cyprus, physical presence in Denmark is not required.

UniverseLAW offers full range of professional services, associated with business organization in Denmark:

  • preparation and submission of the documents, required for business registration in Denmark;
  • legal address;
  • arrangement of visits and accompanying clients for the notary office visits;
  • assistance in opening a bank account.


  • Double taxation agreements with countries all over the world;
  • At least one director and shareholder
  • Both private individuals and legal entities may be directors and shareholders
  • Nominal service is allowed
  • No currency control


Danish companies are not subject to income tax for the income made outside of Denmark. The income made by the company’s representative offices located outside of Denmark are not subject to taxes either.

Taxes in Denmark:

Income tax – 25%
Tax for partnership – 0-5%
VAT – 25%
Tax for dividends – 28%
Tax for interests and royalties – 30%


Bookkeeping, annual reports and audit are required.


Required documents for registration:

  • Certificate of Formation
  • Statement of Organizer
  • Operating Agreement
  • page with Apostille

Time required for company formation:
2-3 weeks.

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