Gibraltar, unlike other British offshore zones, is a member of the European Union governed by the United Kingdom. As a dependent territory Gibraltar is obliged to comply with all requirements of British legislation except taxation, agricultural policy and tax agreements. In such way, Gibraltar has all the privileges of the United Kingdom having its own taxation policy. There is no industrial business in Gibraltar, that is why importing companies from abroad can use these opportunities. Using tax-free customs status, such companies import products for reselling them in Europe. The government supports such business. Gibraltar is willing to become main European offshore business and financial centre, as Hong Kong became for Asian countries.

General information about Gibraltar Non-resident company

  • company formation in Gibraltar is not a long-time process, and annual tax is low;
  • official language is English;
  • possibility to use nominal service;
  • no limitations for business activities outside the country;
  • licence is required only for provision of banking and insurance services;
  • Gibraltar company cannot perform business activities in Gibraltar;
  • the company cannot perform business activity related to the provision of legal address for companies or possess real estate;
  • a citizen or a resident of Gibraltar cannot be company’s director;
  • information about shareholders and bank operation is confidential and may be disclosed only by decision of the court;
  • meetings of the shareholders (directors) may be held anywhere around the world;
  • company’s documents may be kept anywhere around the world.

UniverseLAW offers full range of professional services, associated with business organization in Gibraltar:

  • preparation and submission of the documents, required for business registration in Gibraltar;
  • legal address;
  • arrangement of visits and accompanying clients for the notary office visits;
  • assistance in opening a bank account.


  • No currency control
  • No taxation
  • At least one director and shareholder
  • Both nonresident private individuals and legal entities may be directors and shareholders
  • No requirements to minimum share capital
  • Meetings of shareholders are not required


Gibraltar offshore companies are fully exempt from taxes.


Annual reporting and audit are required.


Required documents for registration:

For private individuals

  • passport
  • documents confirming residence address

For legal entities:

  • registration documents
  • passport copies of members of the company structure

Time required for company formation:

3-4 weeks.

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