Swiss taxation system, legislative practice, financial and economical systems are a gold standard for the whole world, so company registration in Switzerland is very popular among nonresidents. Business establishment process in Switzerland does not take a lot of time, but may have some legal difficulties.

General information about Swiss AG.

All directors, shareholders and members of the management are appointed by the founder. At least one Swiss resident must be appointed as a director. The resident must be a private individual, but is entitled to finance or to be a shareholder in other companies.

Registration of AG company in Switzerland requires payment of registered share capital in the amount from 100 thousand to 500 thousand Swiss Francs. Such payment is made just after the registration. On a yearly basis, the company must submit accounting reports, reports on products turnover and its profits to the authorities. Independent auditor is appointed individually. Such independent audit may be required depending on the number of employees and products turnover of the company.

Additionally about Swiss GmbH.

Board of directors may consist of several members, but one of directors must be a Swiss resident. There are no requirements to the shareholders’ or investors’ citizenship. Registered share capital of the company cannot be less than 20 thousand in local currency. When registering a company in Switzerland, the payment of capital must be made before filing incorporation documents.

Independent audit of limited liability companies is not obligatory, but the company is obliged to submit reports, filled in according to the legislation of the canton.

UniverseLAW offers full range of professional services, associated with business organization in Switzerland:

  • preparation and submission of the documents, required for business registration in Switzerland;
  • legal address;
  • preparation and submission of documents to register the company as a VAT payer (VAT number);
  • arrangement of visits and accompanying clients for the notary office visits;
  • help in opening a bank account.


  • Faster process of company formation requiring less documentation.
  • The company’s income, received outside and in the territory of Switzerland is not taxable if the headquarter of the founder is registered in a country which is in a double taxation agreement with Switzerland.


It is important to pay value added tax (VAT). Such tax is imposed on realization and import of goods and services in Switzerland. Residents pay the fee if their annual turnover is over 75000 CHF. A Swiss group of companies can merge, submit common declarations, jointly submit statements and reports on behalf of a single taxpayer.

Taxes in Switzerland


  • Income taxes
  • Tax calculation
  • VAT and income tax, imposed on private individuals


  • Corporate profit tax


Registration of a Swiss company is made according to the Companies Law in Switzerland, so the companies are obliged to submit annual statements and be audited, as provided by law.

Submission of financial statements is obligatory in Switzerland. The auditor must be appointed before the company registration. Services of auditors and accountants who prepare statements and reports are paid per hour, but, if necessary, the remuneration may be agreed in advance.


Required documents:

  • copies of international passports certified by a notary and simple copies of internal passports of the company’s beneficiary owner(s), member(s) and shareholders;
  • information on the company’s business activity;
  • CV of the beneficiary containing information regarding his educational and professional level.

Time period required for company formation and registration:

Registration usually takes from 3 weeks, depending on how soon the client can provide documents, open an account and pay the share capital.

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